“Nearly 80% of leaders predict their company will experience a crisis within the next year, Yet, only 54%  have a crisis plan, and about half of those plans are deemed insufficient.”

Crisis Preparation Study- “Tone at the top” by Burson-Marstelle

Most organizations will say they’re prepared for major crises such as natural disasters, security or financial breach or terrorist activity. They may have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or an expected reaction in the face of the unexpected – the question is – will they know how to activate it in the moment?

Statistics show that when the chips are down, the majority of organizations fail to manage a disaster in the right way. The price? Loss of reputation, loss of sales, loss of funds and in the worst cases – loss of life.

Can organizations truly be prepared for these catastrophes? The answer is absolutely.

You Can Hope for the Best – or be the BeST!