1. “Our company held a conference for crisis management during cyber-security attacks with around 100 participants coming from important companies. During the last stage of the conference we used BeST-War Gaming Platform to simulate such a scenario, with great success. Through BeST platform we were able to record, analyze and quantify all the critical decision-making processes, which allowed us to extract tangible results of the participants reactions in such an event. The process not only was a very useful and educational experience for the participants, but even more was the most interesting and pleasant part of the whole conference.”
    Thanasis Derdemezis – CEO of Dome Consulting Firm (Greece)
  2. ” We held an organizational war-game using BeST and were really satisfied with the end product. The BeST team was on our side from the dilemma definition and up to designing the real life scenarios we used during the war-gaming session. The results were outstanding, delivering clear graphic insights as to how our organization reacted to the crisis including a thorough analysis into the decision making process…”
    Senior official from Aviation industry following business continuity war-game
  3. “This exercise made me more confident to be able to deal with a crisis scenario in the case of it actually happening in my country. It was an eye-opening learning experience”
    Senior official from Angola
  4. “the war gaming was replicating real pressure on individual and understanding that during emergence there are a lot of agencies involves and stakeholder need to interact with each other”
    Safe city war gaming participant
  5. “Brilliant way of understanding the reality of managing a conflict through a war gaming”
    Safe city war gaming participant
  6. “We have learned on dealing with management crisis. All sectors should coordinate and work together to achieve common interest”
    National security M.A Student – Galilee Institute
  7. “Cari Asaf e Dotan, vogliamo ringraziarvi per aver effettuato il Cyber War Game per il nostro Banking Management questo mese. L’esercitazione è stata eccezionale, facendo sperimentare al nostro senior management in che modo prendere le decisioni durante una crisi. E’ stato interessante vedere come i diversi settori interagiscono mentre mettono in atto le procedure, e come ogni settore valuti le minacce e le difficoltà in modo leggermente diverso, gli uni dagli altri. Stiamo già pianificando la prossima sessione. Cordialmente”
    Direzione Commerciale & Comunicazione -IVRI