Electronic Tabletop Training is the Next Revolution in Preparing for Disasters and Emergencies. By Lt. Joseph Pangaro CPM, CSO A flood, an active shooter, a tornado, civil unrest or a hurricane are all disasters no matter their origin; man created, or nature created. The danger these situations bring is counted in lives lost and millions... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mr. Eugenio Maiolo  - Principal Consultant at Trusted Impact Pty Ltd. 1. What kind of work does your company do?   TrustedImpact is an independent cyber security consulting company based in South Melbourne, Australia. It was created in 2006 and has since worked with 275+ clients across various industries including government, financial institutions, healthcare... Continue Reading →

Whether you’re considering malicious data breaches or unintentional data exposures – 2019 has been rife with cybersecurity crises. Increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats continue to permeate businesses, healthcare providers and local governments around the world while rising geopolitical tensions further open opportunities for cyberwarfare. Emerging in the wake of June’s particularly hostile developments between the US... Continue Reading →

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