Three Essential Tabletop Exercise Tips for anyone interested in preparing organizations to overcome difficult scenarios. Tabletop exercises mobilize leaders to evaluate and elevate their organizations’ readiness to respond to a range of risks, threats and hazards. Exercise planning should therefore be focused on creating environments conducive to learning. The predominant goal of any tabletop exercise... Continue Reading →

Leveraging AI and Big Data to Bolster Disaster Resilience I. Introduction Every year, about 160 million people are affected by natural disasters. Although countless governmental, non-governmental and private organizations around the world work tirelessly to minimize the devastation resulting from such extreme events, an average of 90,000 die every year. In 2019 alone, natural disasters... Continue Reading →

BeST’s New Simulations Empower Organizations to Adapt to the COVID-19 Era.The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the way people everywhere think, work and behave. Be Strategic Solutions offers two simulations tailored to the new COVID-19 reality- the Outbreak 2020 simulation and the What a Wonderful World simulation. Both simulations present opportunities for... Continue Reading →

Why have Cities have become Prime Targets of Cyber-crime? As cyber-threat landscapes continue shift and advance in both public and private sectors, so too should organizations’ cyber-defenses. And while many private sector entities from a wide array of industries have prioritized cyber-security, the public sector has yet to follow suit. Local governments across the United... Continue Reading →

Whether you’re considering malicious data breaches or unintentional data exposures – 2019 has been rife with cybersecurity crises. Increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats continue to permeate businesses, healthcare providers and local governments around the world while rising geopolitical tensions further open opportunities for cyberwarfare. Emerging in the wake of June’s particularly hostile developments between the US... Continue Reading →

What invokes organizational survivability? At BeST, we carry out a great number of crisis simulations across a wide range of industries. Regardless of the nature of the crisis or the industry of the organization, we often see organizations allocate all of their resources to the immediate management of a crisis, without accounting for the requirements... Continue Reading →

Dolce and Gabbana consumer- does this incident change your perception of the brand? Dolce and Gabbana, the Italian luxury fashion house recognized around the world, is teetering into the fashion industry’s biggest marketing blunder since a Christian Dior designer’s anti-Semitic rant in Paris in 2011. After an ad showing a Chinese model struggling to eat... Continue Reading →

The Role of Policy in Management Schemes Our previous post considered the criticality of personnel during crisis; today’s post will consider the significance of policy. Established policies offer a degree of stability in professional, public and even private spheres. But what actually is policy, and how does it serve us as individuals, as teams and... Continue Reading →

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