1. Straight from the press. “Three Israeli startups were presented, selected among the exhibitors of the Israel Startup Pavilion, as innovative examples of the Israeli avant-garde in the field of cyber security” (press here to see more)
  2. Waiting to meet you at the Israel HLS & Cyber 2018 conference!!!! (press here to see more)
  3. Congrats to Dr. Carmit Rapaport and Professor Avi Kirschenbaum on being selected to join the National Emergency Management Authority… (press here to see more).
  4.  BeST has hit the newspapers (press here to see more).
  5. BeST extends a warm welcome to Dr. Carmit Rapaport!! (press here to see more).
  6. BeST is in the UK!! (press here to see more).
  7. Professor Alan (Avi) Kirschenbaum has joined the BeST team!! (press here to see more).
  8. IATA Aviation Security Crisis Management Simulation Course (press here to see more).
  9. International Air Transport Association (IATA) and BeST (Be-Strategic Solutions) to Offer New War-Gaming Computerized Platform called Scenario  (press here to see more).
  10. BeST is on the GSA Schedule!!  (press here to see more).