BeST has Hit the Newspapers

Ahead of our Competitive Intelligence War-game at the end of February, YNet interviewed BeST Founder and CEO Dotan Sagi to discuss the value of war-gaming in the commercial sector. (,7340,L-5106644,00.html)

Unlike more traditional approaches to war-gaming, BeST moves crisis management training from the theoretical world to the practical world, accelerating organizations’ crisis preparedness and response capacities from hypothetical assessments to authenticated practices.

Reporter Liat Zener comments: “The business world requires real-time response capabilities and coping with unexpected crises at any moment. When the business moves to the international market, the conditions change, and with them the rules of the game in the new arena.”

This is precisely what BeST trains its Competitive Intelligence clients to understand in practical terms.

Dotan Sagi notes: “With the help of the practice, we aim to get out of the theoretical world into the practical world. The purpose of the game is to provide tools for the exporter, not only with the way he thinks he will behave in an unexpected situation on his own, but also to practice making decisions together with anyone who makes decisions within the organization.”

“Practicing processes through war-gaming enables both intra-organizational and inter-organizational coping simultaneously, and the game takes into account how people will respond to the moves outside the organization.”

“The system constantly compares between expected and actual performance and what actually happens inside and outside of the organization, and is able to identify why events unfold as they do, in real-time”.

The efficacy of war-games is by no means limited to military and para-military organizations. Businesses who want to remain ahead of the competition or want to become leaders of their industries are turning to war-games to refine their decision-making processes and their organizational procedures.

If improving your competitiveness, your profitability, your decision-making processes or your crisis-response capacity is of interest to you- contact us today for a commitment-free demo:

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