Interview with Mr. Joseph Pangero  – President and CEO at True Security Design.

True Security Design is recognized for their award-winning training curriculum and Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessments (TVRAs). They are at the forefront of delivering live action role-play training simulations and remote classroom-based instruction to better prepare any staff in an emergency. We are thrilled to become part of True Security Design’s distinguished portfolio!

1. What kind of work does your company do?

True Security Design is a provider of cutting-edge police, school, and business safety and security training programs delivered live in-person as well as remotely across the USA. We also provide security consultation services and All Hazard Threat Assessments for any organization.  

2. Can you tell us a little about your team and their backgrounds? 

Lt. Joseph Pangaro is a 27-year veteran law enforcement investigator and former director of school security. Lt. Pangaro is a published author and award-winning columnist on the topics of safety and security as well as police investigations.

Capt. Kevin P. McDermott began his Law Enforcement career with the Township of Ocean Police Department in March of 1979 upon completion of the Monmouth County Police Academy. His career spanned five decades ending with his retirement in 2013. During that period of time he served as a Patrol Officer, Youth Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Detective Lieutenant and Operations Captain.

Capt. Donna Roman Hernandez was born, raised and educated in Newark, New Jersey.  She is a former Police Captain and Patrol Commander who served 30 years in policing in the Patrol Division of both the Essex County Police and Caldwell Police Departments in New Jersey.  She was the first female bilingual Hispanic Officer to be hired by Caldwell and to achieve the rank of Police Captain in the West Essex area of northern New Jersey.

Lt. Barry Cohen has 20 years of experience in Law Enforcement. He currently serves as a Lieutenant for a municipal police department in the position of the Executive Officer in charge of the Administration and Training Bureau. He has been responsible for the training of sworn law enforcement personnel. Some of the Police training that Barry was responsible for, includes: Diversity, Report Writing, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Active Shooter, and Supervisory Skills. Mr. Cohen possesses certification in Leadership and High Impact Supervision Training from Penn State University, Active Shooter Response and Mitigation, Threat Assessment, Firearms, Adult Learning and Practices, Neuro Linguistic Programing, as well as several other certifications.

3. What makes your service provision special or unique?

Our mission and our passion at True Security Design is to keep everyone safe. Our training programs reflect that philosophy and are based on real life experience, we use role players whenever possible to enhance the learning experience for the people who take our training courses, and we connect with our clients becoming their partners in safety and security. True Security Design provides a comprehensive approach to creating the safest possible environment for an organization or facility. What makes us unique is bringing together modern technology and law enforcement experience to assess, educate and train those in our clients care.

4. What market/s do you operate in?

Since being acquired by IPVideo Corporation, True Security Design now operates in all regions of the USA and with select international clientele. We provide services for any organization that is concerned for the safety of its people and facilities, this includes law enforcement, schools, businesses / commercial operations, religious facilities, municipal, state and county governments, and other recreational operations.     

5. How has BeST added value/supported your service provision?

The BeST AI based electronic tabletop training solution has changed the way security processes, plans, protocols and responses are practiced. The simulated real time element of the exercises adds stress to any training event without putting the participants in actual danger. This is the game changer that the BeST product has given us. We can help our clients to truly understand their safety and security plans and how their staff will function during a real event. This realistic training option will save lives.         

6. What would you like everyone to know about your company?

True Security Design is more than a safety and security provider, we see ourselves as partners in our client’s operations, and the safety and security of their people and facilities. We connect in a genuine way so we can develop a relationship with the people we help.   

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