Interview with Mrs. Lana Osher Senior Associate Director at APCO Worldwide.

Effective crisis management is increasingly linked to constructive public relations and public affairs.
APCO Worldwide use the emPOWER tool to prepare their clients to successfully manage a wide range of risks, threats, and crises. (

1. What kind of work does your company do?  

APCO Worldwide provides communications and public affairs support to organizations around the world. A key part of this effort is crisis preparedness and issue management.

2. Can you tell us a little about your team and their backgrounds?  

Our team is comprised of former journalists, lawyers, diplomats and government officials that help organizations navigate challenges.

3. What makes your service provision special or unique? 

Unlike most public relations agencies, APCO supports clients to build and protect their reputations with their entire ecosystem – from regulators, to media, legislators, customers, and potential partners.

4. What market/s do you operate in? 

We operate in markets across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

5. How has BeST added value/supported your service provision?  BeST has allowed us to offer crisis preparedness trainings that were previously table-top as digital simulations that offer analytical insights into readiness, team collaboration, and alignment.

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