BeST’s New Simulations Empower Organizations to Adapt to the COVID-19 Era.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the way people everywhere think, work and behave.
Be Strategic Solutions offers two simulations tailored to the new COVID-19 reality- the Outbreak 2020 simulation and the What a Wonderful World simulation. Both simulations present opportunities for participants to experience managing emerging crises in failsafe environments,
thereby unearthing effective (and less effective) processes and practices while enhancing realworld capabilities. Read on to understand the specifics of each simulation.
I. Outbreak 2020 Simulation
Overview: The Outbreak 2020 simulation was designed to enhance health organizations’ abilities to manage disease outbreaks. This simulation is based on deep insights from seasoned medical professionals, coupled with crisis management methodologies suitable for any healthcare
organization. The scenario: The scenario presents participants with an opportunity to practice dealing with emerging strategic and operational challenges resulting from a disease outbreak that strains the healthcare system’s ability to provide health services.
Objectives: By exposing participants to realistic healthcare provision dilemmas and tracking all responses, the simulation evaluates and enhances healthcare organizations’ capacities to identify, mitigate and respond to the strategic and operational challenges inherent in disease outbreaks.
Target Audience: The Outbreak 2020 simulation is geared towards healthcare professionals at all levels- from local clinic workers to national health authorities and everyone in between.
II. What a Wonderful World 2020 Simulation
Overview: The What a Wonderful World simulation was designed to build organizations’ capacities to successfully deal with the business challenges posed by a disease outbreak. This simulation is based on sharp insights from corporate resilience experts and leverages core principles of Business Continuity.
The scenario: The scenario presents participants with the opportunity to experience managing an evolving crisis that threatens not only the functionality of the participating entity’s business operations but also the health and safety of personnel.
Objectives: By exposing participants to internal and external challenges(both internal and external challenges posed to a company impacted by a disease outbreak), the simulation empowers
organizations to identify the delicate balance between maintaining productivity and profitability and safeguarding employee and brand security.
Target Audience: The What a Wonderful World simulation is geared towards any organization public or private, large or small- that stands to face considerable kickback in mismanaging a disease

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