Whether you’re considering malicious data breaches or unintentional data exposures – 2019 has been rife with cybersecurity crises. Increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats continue to permeate businesses, healthcare providers and local governments around the world while rising geopolitical tensions further open opportunities for cyberwarfare.

Emerging in the wake of June’s particularly hostile developments between the US and Iran (during which both physical and digital advances were made on both sides), is the question of whether cyberwarfare tactics could be used as an alternative to conventional warfare- as some scholars have suggested- or whether they will simply supplement and escalate real-world combat.

This is a remarkable and undoubtedly complex question to consider. What do you think? Are we moving towards an era where wars will be fought primarily in digital landscapes or will humans continue to engage in kinetic conflict as they always have?


Written by Chelsea Zfaz

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