September was National Preparedness Month in the US!

September was National Preparedness Month in the US!

How prepared is your business for its next crisis? The speed at which your business is able to recover from a terrorist or cyber-attack, or a natural or anthropogenic disaster depends heavily on planning and preparation done before the crisis unfolds. Is your organization ready to mitigate the challenges that stand to damage it’s continuity, profitability and reputation?

What does ‘ready’ actually mean? Do your personnel understand how to identify a crisis? Will their operations change once crisis is declared? Is there protocol in place to guide operations during crisis? Do the personnel understand how and when to shift from routine to crisis procedures? Who is responsible for making which decisions, and under what circumstances?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions- the critical consideration becomes- how do you know?

Remember- in a crisis- it’s not the event itself that counts. It’s the response.



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